After living at our new grotto for a year, Amanda and I are ready to start building our vegetable garden bed.  This one is a little ambitious as it will be a permanent structure and raised up to a little over 2 feet.  I even learned to used SketchUp to […]

The Next Garden Bed

I’m sorry that this post reads like an ad for, I just wanted to jot down the plants we decided to try this year for easier retrieval. All the descriptions and pictures are pulled from their website.  Click on the title to see the full details on Burpee’s website. […]

What’s Growing

We underestimated the quanity of tomtatos 6 plants would produce, truth be told we did not think we would be able to keep them alive this long either.  Amanda planted Big Boy tomatoes and Roma tomatoes (our favorite), but did not label them at that time, lesson learned.  Then the […]

Tomatos, Tomatos, Tomatos…

As most newbie gardeners, I am always trying to get the “right” amount of water, erroring on the caution side. Our plants especially the tomatoes are just popping out everywhere. So I’ve been really worried about over irrigating during the this period which may reduce fruit quality. Ample water during […]

The Fine Balance Of Watering Your Garden..

The last couple of weeks Amanda and I noticed that our bell peppers and tomatoes were turning brown and rotting only at the bottom. Being a newbie farmer, I thought we had sometype of fungus or another pest attacking our vegetables again. After talking with one of her friends about […]

Calcium Deficiency In Our Plants…

You want to make sure that you have seed potatoes from a certified nursery or garden center. Avoid any store bought potatoes, they normally have been treated with a sprouting inhibitor. One of the great things about living in Texas is that you can start to grow potatoes almost all […]

Planting Our Potatoes

So this year I decided to help my wife with the garden, she started gardening last year and due to some unforeseen family emergencies had to let it die. Our family raises cattle and we supplement them with syrup tubs. You can not refill these tubs once they have been […]

A New Venture