Tips and Ideas

To help ease our camping experience, and help our trips immensely, we decided to organize the campsite ‘kitchen’. For this we started looking at purchasing or building a chuck/grub box to store all of our camp kitchen supplies. This would save time routing around looking for utensils and places to prepare the meals. Using […]

Our First Official Chuck Box

As most people are aware of, plant must have light, water and nutrients to grow.  For most people the sun with provide the light, the water will either come from the sky and/or by irrigation.  The nutrients found in the earth will be derived from compost, manure, fertilizers the hopefully the […]

Fertilizing 101

I am convinced that if we as a society would recycle and compost the items we throw away like our kitchen scraps, yard clippings, leaves etc. we would reduce our need for landfills in half.  We try to recycle everything possible, we don’t do composting that much, I send my grass and leaves […]

Composting Revisted

Over the weekend we’ve completed our planting and set out our irrigation plans. In the previous years I watered our containers and beds the old fashioned way, standing over the garden with hose in hand fending off mosquitos and other biting pests. With the expansion of our plots we decided […]

Our Irrigation Plans

I’ve been toying with this idea for a while now; I’ve researched the pros and cons to this new venture.  I will primarily be using this during the spring/summer months in Texas.  From what I can gather I will be needing the following supplies: bug net and a protective rain fly, adequate […]

Looking Into Camping With A Hammock

Camping or hiking in the fall & winter months in Texas is one of my favorite times to go.  The absence of mosquitoes, the cool crisp air and sitting around an open fire without burning up gets me really energized.  Camping during this time does require some different type of […]

Cold Weather Camping In Texas

We underestimated the quanity of tomtatos 6 plants would produce, truth be told we did not think we would be able to keep them alive this long either.  Amanda planted Big Boy tomatoes and Roma tomatoes (our favorite), but did not label them at that time, lesson learned.  Then the […]

Tomatos, Tomatos, Tomatos…

The advantages of using composted matter on crops can never be overstated. We have been composting our plants, culled vegetables and yard debris for the past couple of months. To start of we just grabbed a basic composting box from Lowe’s and set it up in a matter of minutes. […]

The Art Of Composting