So…..there is a void in my photos and blog posts for the last year.  We didn’t expand or do anything cosmic with our garden, and it was planted really late.  Normally we like to get everything in the ground by March during our spring break.  Allowing us to avoid the last […]

Big Plans

As I reflect on my previous years and resolutions, I have made the disheartening discovery that I don’t get a great deal of my dreams or wishes finished or even started.  A big problem would have to do with the fact that I don’t really set clear, precise, and achievable goals for […]

Goals for 2016

So this year I decided to help my wife with the garden, she started gardening last year and due to some unforeseen family emergencies had to let it die. Our family raises cattle and we supplement them with syrup tubs. You can not refill these tubs once they have been […]

A New Venture