The CFSPREADSHEET function introduced in ColdFusion 9 is a great time saver.  As anyone can attest to spreadsheets reign supreme in business.  Before CF 9, our team used Ben Nadel’s POI Utility Component for most of our spreadsheets.  It worked great for all of our CF 8 applications, but the […]

Using cfspreadsheet in CF9

In one of my applications that I am working on I need to grab a person’s profile, check to see if they have any documents to approve and/or review.  Originally I was using multiple query calls to perform this task (one for the profile, another to check for approvals and […]

Grouping MySQL statements

Yesterday I was helping someone with a problem, they kept receiving an “Cannot declare a local variable …. twice” error in one their DAO methods. It took us a couple of minutes to figure out how we were declaring the variable twice.  Come to find out var and cfargument are […]

Scope Conflicts