A couple of years ago we decided to start up a garden.  My wife has always loved growing plants, I wasn't too keen at first, but started helping out with the garden to help with my health and mood.  I found that it help reduce my stress levels and gave me a better self-esteem - which honestly I never that I had a problem with. There have been plenty of study's to confirm these results - Eartheasy has  a nice article on this 6 Unexpected Health Benefits of Gardening. I hope you find some of my blurbs to be useful.
So…..there is a void in my photos and blog posts for the last year.  We didn’t expand or do anything cosmic with our garden, and it was planted really late.  Normally we like to get everything in the ground by March during our spring break.  Allowing us to avoid the last frost and still offer the […]

Big Plans

Watering Plants are more sensitive to hotter temperatures than we are. With them containing more than 80+ percent water, plants get even thirstier and sweatier then we do. The key thing is knowing which plants like the hot sunny areas of your garden and which prefer the shadier parts. Our tomatoes, peppers, corn, and squash […]

Upcoming Texas Summer

Since our family has really shown a commitment to gardening we’ve decided to “upgrade” our two ground plots. For its economical advantages and ease of use, we decided to raise our garden beds using cinder blocks. These boring unappealing blocks are sometimes overlooked. But if you use some creativity and some landscaping, they can look […]

Garden Upgrade

We underestimated the quanity of tomtatos 6 plants would produce, truth be told we did not think we would be able to keep them alive this long either.  Amanda planted Big Boy tomatoes and Roma tomatoes (our favorite), but did not label them at that time, lesson learned.  Then the worms ate a big tub […]

Tomatos, Tomatos, Tomatos…

According to our planting instructions and everything on the internet, corn is supposed to be ready to harvest between 71 and 91 days (depending on the type of corn you plant).  We harvested this crop at 94 days old, so looking at the stalks and the calendar we figured it was the right time to […]

A Harvest Too Soon???

I loath these small sap-sucking insects. Aphids are among the most destructive pests a gardener can face. They do have a fair amount of natural enemies which include but not limited to predatory ladybugs, hoverfly larvae, parasitic wasps, crab spiders, lacewings. Many aphid species are monphagous, they feed only on one type of plant. Aphids […]

Pesky Little Aphids

We have been gardening only for a short amount of time, really not even a full year. One of the many things I like about living in central Texas is that we can produce vegetables year-round. So we started our first garden this year, with great success. We also had a big learning curve, since […]

Making A Good Garden Site

The advantages of using composted matter on crops can never be overstated. We have been composting our plants, culled vegetables and yard debris for the past couple of months. To start of we just grabbed a basic composting box from Lowe’s and set it up in a matter of minutes. We make sure not to […]

The Art Of Composting