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In one of my applications that I am working on I need to grab a person’s profile, check to see if they have any documents to approve and/or review.  Originally I was using multiple query calls to perform this task (one for the profile, another to check for approvals and […]

Grouping MySQL statements

I do most of my web development with Eclipse and I really don’t like adding the “project” files into my subversion repository.  Since the files are always the same name I was going to add them to the Global Ignore configuration sheet. It took some hunting around my system to […]

Subversion Global Ignores

I’ve been running most of my web applications on linux servers, and since all of my servers are run by hosting companies I haven’t had the ability to have a nice gui “remote desktop” feature. With that in mind all my file editing or “hotfixes’ to an applications code has […]

vi Editor

A wireframe is a visual representation of an application or website.  The wireframe depicts the page layout and/or arrangement of the content to be used, this will include the interface elements and navigation.  It usually lacks style, color and even graphics, the main focus is on the work flow. I […]

Why use wire framing?