Leave No Trace

Nobody likes a dirty campground! Whether you are primitive camping, or RVing at a campground resort, a little effort is all that is needed to ensure that the next camper arriving at the campsite after you will enjoy it just as much as you did.  It’s all about respect for nature. If all campers would just leave their campsites the way they found them (assuming it was clean to begin with) then we will be doing our share to promote camping as it should be.

Here are some useful tips we teach our Scouts:

  1. Be sure to take along some plastic garbage bags to collect trash. The last thing you should do before leaving the campground is to make one more round and pick up any trash. Remember if you are going to a primitive site, what you track in you must track out. So do not pack items your are not willing to bring back after use.
  2. After cleaning dishes be sure to dump gray water away from any fresh water sources and use biodegradable soap. Some campgrounds have designated areas for dumping dishwater.  
  3. One should not be reminded but do not dump your ashes from the grill on the ground. Either dump them in the campfire ring or dump them in a bag (make sure they are cold) and put the bag in the campground dumpster.
  4. In most cases you will not have a laundry facility around or a shower handy. If your clothes need cleaning try showering with your clothes on to conserve water.
  5. In the backwoods, take proper measures to cover human waste, use biodegradable toilet paper.
  6. If you plan on fishing while you are camping remember not to clean your fish at the campground. This will attract wild life to your site. The last thing you need is to have a curious raccoon or bear visiting in the night. If there are cleaning stations around use them.