A Short Hiatus

Avondale backyard Shortly after spring break our family decided it was time to move.  We had a short time to find a house and settle in before the new school year started.  I am glad to say we have found our new home and have lived it for the past couple of months.  This opportunity will allow us to expand our gardening plan and ideas.  We now have a sprinkler system and we will be planning on tapping into it for the garden.  The space is great, with lots of sunlight throughout the day.  We’ve also decided to train the dogs to relieve themselves in one corner of the yard versus the whole area; as they did in the last home.  We will have some challenges (as with any home); the back area slopes down and tends to flood during heavy rain.  This will limit our vegetable garden to the areas closer to the house.  We have a nice established fig, pecan and magnolia tree, which are already bearing fruit and nuts this year.  We will be laying out the ground for the raised beds this fall.

Avondale backyard

The first bed will be in front of the back porch – more details on this as we get closer to laying it out.  Unlike with the previous versions we have made; this will be a more permanent structure.  With the weather cooling down now we are hoping to start laying out everything in the next couple of weeks.

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