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I’m sorry that this post reads like an ad for Burpee.com, I just wanted to jot down the plants we decided to try this year for easier retrieval. All the descriptions and pictures are pulled from their website.  Click on the title to see the full details on Burpee’s website.


Bean - Kentucky

Bean, Kentucky Blue Pole

Kentucky Blue combines the excellence of the all-time greatest pole beans: Kentucky Wonder and Blue Lake. Getting big crops of sweet and always stringless pods, straight and 7″ long. A heavy yielder for many weeks. Pole beans yield much longer than bush beans, right up to frost.

Bean - Blue Lake

Bean, Blue Lake 274

Bush Blue Lake is nearly fiber-free, and a heavy producer over a long season, it’s excellent fresh or frozen. Plants yield early and need no support. 

 Blueberry - Top Hat  

Blueberry, Top Hat

At spring it produces beautiful white blossoms; in fall, the foliage turns a pretty glowing orange. Top Hat is a compact 2-ft plant that produces firm, dusky blue fruit that ripens in late season and is ideal for baking. 

 Broccoli Hybrid  

Broccoli, Sun King Hybrid

Well leafed plants yielding 6-8″ diameter heads and 5-10 1″ side shoots as well. 

 Brussel Sprouts  

Brussels Sprouts, Dimitri Hybrid

If these flavor-packed Brussels sprouts were any easier to harvest, they’d have to fling themselves into your garden basket. There’s no need to top these easy-picking plants. As soon as the hybrid plant’s leaves break off and shed, it’s harvest time, and the ripe 1″-1.5″ round sprouts are yours for the picking. 

 Carrot - Kaleidoscope Mix  

Carrot, Kaleidoscope Mix

Five distinct colors of carrots in one special blend for a pretty rainbow effect that is sure to be noticed at the dinner table, even by the kids. After testing hundreds of carrot varieties, Burpee developed this easy-to-grow mix of five crispy carrots: Atomic Red, Bambino, Cosmic Purple, Lunar White and Solar Yellow.


Cauliflower, Attribute Hybrid

This premium variety boasts hefty heads 7″-wide. Provides outstanding performance in the garden and containers, with good heat tolerance and nice leaf cover for blanching curds. 

 Cucumber Pickler  

Cucumber, Burpee Pickler Hybrid

Burpee Pickler is an early maturing, black-spined cucumber, on full-sized vines. Large plants mean heavier yields over a long period. Tolerates cucumber mosaic virus. 

 Egg Plant  

Eggplant, Early Midnight Hybrid

This is what Burpee calls the “renaissance eggplant”, because it excels in every way. First of all, it’s first, arriving a full week before other eggplants. 


Lavender, Phenomenal PPAF

‘Phenomenal’, a new cultivar, is the hardiest lavender there is: tolerating heat and humidity, resistant to root and foliar diseases, deerproof, and, most extraordinary, surviving winter.

Leek - Lancelot

Leek, Lancelot

The long, white shafts have a dark blue/green upright flag. The 12-14 inch shaft provides a distinct flavor to your soups and salads. Leeks are not daylight sensitive so their tops do not fall over. Give them plenty of water and plenty of time and you’ll find yourself repaid handsomely.75 days to harvest

Lettuce - Black Seeded Simpson

Lettuce, Black-Seeded Simpson

Hugely popular for over 150 years, it’s one of the most tender and delicately flavored leaf lettuces ever bred. The ruffled leaves are large with an appealing green color. Simpson is well adapted to a wide range of climates and is still the best for early spring sowing.

Lettuce - Buttercrunch

Lettuce, Buttercrunch

This extremely popular lettuce has a luscious, buttery texture. The soft heads are creamy yellow inside and have some heat resistance.  Plant early in spring and repeat every 2 weeks into fall. Protect from heat with shade cloth. Likes fertile soil, ample water. Best when picked minutes before your meal. 

Onion - Walla Walla

Onion, Walla Walla Sweet

Famous for its mild flavor, this long-day sweet onion was a mainstay at our farm market.


Oregano, Greek

 A must in many Italian dishes, tomato sauces, pizza, fish and salad dressing. 


Parsley, Single Italian

Flat-leaved variety used in salad dressings, poultry, soups and as an ingredient of pesto. 

Sweet Peas

Pea, Super Sugar Snap

The plant produces thick, full-size, ever so sweet snap peas-sweeter than famous Sugar Snap-and delectable in salads or appetizers and earlier, more productive and hardier.

Bell Pepper

Pepper, Sweet California Wonder

The standard bell pepper for many decades, this 1928 introduction is still the largest open-pollinated, heirloom bell you can grow. A perfect stuffing pepper

Potato - Red Lasoda

Potato, Red Lasoda

Beautiful smooth red skin with pure white flesh. Tubers are oblong and slightly flattened with medium deep eyes. An excellent potato for boiling, never loses its flavor. 

Pumpkin Small Suger

Pumpkin, Small Sugar

Small Sugar is even better for pies than its larger cousin Connecticut Field pumpkin. 


Rosemary, Spice Island

If you’re looking for full-bodied intense and aromatic rosemary, this is the variety for you. 

Spinach - baby leaf hybrid

Spinach, Baby’s Leaf Hybrid

This Burpee exclusive ripens extra-early for salads (30 days) and has lots of leaf but little stem and matures quickly (40 days). 

Strawberry - Albion

Strawberry, Albion

Albion, an everbearing type, is a new variety from California with long, conical, symmetrical; firm fruit bursting with sweetness. Resists Verticillium wilt, Phytophthora crown rot and resistance to anthracnose crown rot. 

Squash - Cupcake

Squash, Summer, Cupcake Hybrid

Shaped like a cupcake, delectable oblate 2-5” fruits parts perfectly calibrated flavor: somewhat sweet, somewhat savory. Go-to squash for roasting, slicing, grilling, boiling, and stuffing, ‘Cupcake’ combines patty-pan’s rich, sweet flavor and zucchini’s soft skin. 

squash - best hybrid

Squash, Burpee’s Best Hybrid

Burpee Exclusive. Hail, the new Zucchini King, the new triple-crowner ruler of the zucchini patch. Brings zuke-lovers an earlier harvest, out of this world yields and exceptional vigor. 

squash - summer cosmos

Squash, Summer, Cosmos Hybrid

This is one bright summer squash: bright yellow in color and blessed with a bright, sweet, nutty flavor. Vigorous, high-yielding bush plants produce a cornucopia of straight-necked zucchini-type yellow fruit 6-8″ long x 1″ wide. 

Squash - Golden Egg Hybrid

Squash, Summer, Golden Egg Hybrid

Golden Egg’s a picture-perfect gourmet sensation-with succulent flavor and texture. As exquisite as a Faberge egg but so much tastier. Spherical, golden-yellow egg-shaped zucchini measures up to 5″ across, boasting delicious creamy flesh with hints of chartreuse. 

Squash - Green Eggs

Squash, Summer, Green Eggs Hybrid

Squash-lovers, meet the griller of your dreams. ‘Green Eggs’ dishes out slice after delicious slice of flavor. Gorgeous, green, 5” oval squashes are ready to leap onto the grill and dazzle you with caramelized, nutty taste and creamy flesh. Green sister to ‘Golden Egg’ is likewise a great vegetarian/gluten-free option. 

Tomato - Roma

Tomato, Roma

Compact plants produce paste-type tomatoes resistant to verticillium and fusarium wilts. Meaty interiors and few seeds. 

Buddleia Wisteria

Buddleia, Wisteria Lane PPAF

This most unusual and delightful butterfly bush infuses the back of the sunny border with colorful flair. ‘Wisteria Lane’s large, dense plants display an uncommon weeping habit that flourishes long, majestic rich-violet flower spikes throughout summer. 


Hydrangea macrophylla, LA Dreamin PPAF

A single hydrangea plant can transform a landscape, bringing it to life with shape, substance, handsome foliage and prodigious flowering. Now add a serene blast of colorful blooms—in shades of blue, pink and everything in-between.


Salvia, Hot Lips

Delicate red and white blooms create a stunning show throughout summer. Some flowers will bloom in solid red color attracting bees and hummingbirds.

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