The Longhouse

As my wife and I were planning out our garden for this spring and tried to differentiate between our new plotting areas.  I started referring to our original plot as the square; due to its obvious shape 13’ x 13’.  When it came time to figure out what went into the new bed I jokingly referred to it as the Longhouse since noticeable larger measuring 12’ x 19’.

Preparing the ground for the garden soil

Preparing the ground for the garden soil

The design is extremely simple, it’s located on fairly level ground and receives sunlight throughout the day.  We placed cinder blocks around the perimeter to create a 8” raised bed.  The bed floor was prepared by scraping the first 6” of soil off with the help if a soil tiller, shovel and a healthy amount of back labor.  Next we proceeded to till the next foot or so (we have some horrible ground) and we got ready to add the garden mix.  We started to add garden soil, consisting 1 part sandy loam 1 part composted mushrooms. Tilling everything together till it reached a little over half way up the cinder blocks, finishing off the rest without tilling.  A 4’ fence will be erected around the blocks to keep our dogs from playing gardeners. 

A pathway was created by using some left over pavers we’ve found or inherited over the years. 

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