Goals for 2016

As I reflect on my previous years and resolutions, I have made the disheartening discovery that I don’t get a great deal of my dreams or wishes finished or even started.  A big problem would have to do with the fact that I don’t really set clear, precise, and achievable goals for myself.  So with the rebirth of my website and a fresh start to the new year, I decided to share my goals.  I am just going to start with some basic areas for now: Family, Fitness & Health, and Financial. 


  1. An outdoor outing with the whole family at least once a month.  This can range from a weekend camping trip, a hike/ride in a State Park, or just visiting the museum.
  2. Sitting down at the dining room table together, with no distractions; enjoying a meal that everyone has helped to prepare.
  3. Spending more individual time with each family member

Fitness & Health

  1. Reach my target weight of 190 lbs by August 1, 2016.  (current weight as of today is 234)
  2. Accomplish 30+ mins of cardio activity three times a week (i.e. swimming, cycling or hiking)
  3. Strength train twice a week, I’m only looking for toned muscles.  I still want my wife to feel like she still has the man she fell in love with


  1. Get one year closer to our down payment for our dream house
  2. Fine tune the annual sinking funds
  3. Beef up the Emergency Fund closer to 6 months of expenses

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